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Affiliate Programs

- no negative balance carried to the next month;
- commission payouts on time using a variety of methods;
- great affiliate managers to help webmasters on doing the best strategies;
- honest casinos with a clean history of fairness;

Please, read below why the online casino affiliate programs listed here are recommended.

Vera&John Casino Affiliate Program
Place banners and links of Vera&John Casino on your blog, youtube, instagram and other social media platforms and get monthly commissions. Available for clients worldwide, the Vera&John Casino affiliate program is one of the best options for boggers talking about travel, games, fashion and other subjects. Enjoy!
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Online Casino and Poker Affiliate Program
29 casinos and 2 poker rooms to promote, including mobile casinos. Choose the best commission model for you.
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Click here to go to Slotland Affiliates!
Two casino brands specializing in slot machines. They pay commissions on client's deposits. For all deposits, you will get a share starting from 15% to 40% depending on how much you generate. The more clients and deposits you generate, more deposits share you will get.
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9 gambling websites including casinos, poker, bingo and mobile casinos.

Affiliate Program information

How to make money in my blog or website? This is one of the most asked question and it's not so easy to list all business opportunities for webmasters, bloggers, youtubers and social media influencers. For all newbies, starting their blogs and websites, the big challenge is to keep scammers out of their ways and believe me, there are dozens of them outside just waiting to catch you. One thing that bloggers and webmasters pay attention is for the highest commissions or highest CPA offers, and this should not be the right thing to start off your online business and get some revenue.

As I am working with my websites network over a decade, I will give you some fast consulting here and will list my recommended affiliate programs which you can trust you will be starting in good hands. All of these affiliate programs are honest and pay on time... and that's what a start-up needs to be successful. Start with some top affiliate programs to fund your business and then, when you've a good traffic and client database, you can deal higher commissions and other incentives.

No doubt that online casino affiliate programs can be very profitable for bloggers and webmasters, but the key here is to find the best online casino affiliate programs, otherwise, you will have a really tough start-off and maybe dealing with wrong partnerships, your business will not take off.

Affiliate Program commissions

There are a variety of online casino affiliate programs that will pay good comissions for the player's lifetime. The most online casino affiliate programs offers 25% to 35% of revenue share. But, there are other affiliate programs more interesting for webmasters that are starting their blogs and websites on online gambling industry.

The big problem is: You can really make big money promoting online casinos but if any player wins $100,000 your comission account will be deducted 25% of $100,000 too... and the worst part is that your negative balance will be carried to the next month. And itīs a really bad thing to webmasters who are starting to work in the online gambling industry.

So, if you are starting to work with online casino affiliate programs, I recommend you to start promoting online casinos that will pay you a % for each deposit made AND casinos that will pay you a revenue share for the player's lifetime, and DON'T carry negative balances to the upcoming month.

Another good deal is the gross revenue that will pay webmasters for the amount deposited by their referred clients without discounts (player wins, losses, refunds or chargebacks). Each deposit will return a commission from 15% to 35% depending the amount deposited, and this works for the life of the player. All deposits will generate you a gross revenue. One of the recommended gross revenue affiliate program is Slotland.

CPA is an amount credited per player, and it's paid only one time. The amount can change based on the player's first deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the CPA, BUT this is not a lifetime commission as you will receive a flat fee on the first deposit only.
Particularly, I don't like CPA deals because you can generate more money with the life of the player. Maybe the player deposited a few pounds to test the casino and in future can be a high roller.

Below I will list some of the best online casino affiliate programs to start. After you see some results, contact-me and I can give you a support for more programs and also on search engine optimization and online marketing.


After sign-up in all casino affiliate programs listed above, you can visit and register as a real player in these casinos. Play in the free money version and if you want, play for real money to test the casino. You can start writing the current promotions for each one and also writing a deep casino review to inform your gambling audience about all details of each online casino. Welcome bonus, promotions, tournaments and any updated offer is important for your readers.

BANNERS: Place some casino banners in your website or blog, using banners that fits well in your design. I'd recommend you to use GIF banners (not flash banners). There are some casino banners that are updated automatically and using this advertisement, your website will be updated with all current promotions and offers.

E-MAIL DATABASE: though e-mail marketing is not working as good as in past, it's important to build your e-mail database and send out weekly offers directly to your gambler's e-mail inbox.

SOCIAL MEDIA: use your website profile on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Minds, Bitchute,, Twitter and Google+ to inform your followers about the latest online casino promotions.

There aren't easy way to make money from your blog or website. You have to work really hard every day to keep your website updated and advertise the current promotions and offers.
Take some time to write new analysis and reviews every day, and when uploaded, spread the news in social media to tell your audience you have something new. Avoid black hat techniques and keep away from that miracle offers that "can give you millions of pounds" in few days.

Slotland affiliate program

Click here to go to Slotland Affiliates!

Slotland is a very cool website full of online slot machines and loved by players worldwide. In the land based gambling industry, more than 90% of players spend their money and time in front of slot machines. In the online gambling industry it isn't different. Slot machines are very profitable to every online casino and also for webmaster portals.

The SLOTLAND program will pay you 15% for each player deposit. It doesnīt matter if the player wins or lost. Every deposit will generate you 15% for all deposits made by the player you refer. If your show some good result, they will update your comission to 20% !! Slotland is a nice program to start making money with online casinos.

Slotland webmaster program is the best to start as you will not have any negative balance. You donīt have anything to loose, you will only win with Slotland webmaster program.

Click here and start promoting Slotland and make huge money every month.

You can make huge money working with internet in your blog, website or portal. You will receive money and comissions for every sale, sign up, click or gross revenue. Internet can bring you huge money.

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